Springtime Pet Tips

Brea and I love springtime especially here in the Seattle area! After spending the winter walking and working in rain, some sunshine and fresh flowers is extremely exciting to us and the dogs we walk! I can't tell you how many times dogs in in our care have made it known through their sad eyes and slow walking that they are ready for the rain to go away! As fun and beautiful as springtime is, it's also a time where we are outside more and this means higher temperatures, more bugs and household improvements to name a few. It's important to be aware of things to look out for to ensure your pet is as safe as possible. I don't know about you, but I am a visual person and this chart has some great tips and reminders to get you and your pet ready for spring! 


Cats are truly unique creatures. Unlike dogs, they're very independent and their top priority is not to please us as dogs would. We know so much about training and working with dogs but with cats we can be at a total loss. We found a nice article which offers a little insight.

After dealing with many kitties in our line of work, we agree that harsh discipline doesn't work. Instead work to gain their trust and respect. Go at their pace. Set boundaries, tune in to their signals and respect those signals. Cats have a wild side and need good stimulation. Offer activities to enrich and nurture the hunter and curious nature of the cat. You don't have to spend tons of money. Most cats are happy with boxes, bags and hair ties which will give them hours of fun! Be creative and have fun! A bored cat is a mischievous cat! 



This is a super cute article about how cats show affection for their human pals. Our cats do all of these...boy do we feel loved!



Summer is here and I can't tell you how many dogs we see locked in cars, struggling with walking on hot days and owners who aren't aware of the effect heat has on their pups. This is a great little visual reminder to help people out. Pass it along and hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!


Our associate Danny does amazing pet portraits that capture your furry friends personality.
Check out his website, http://www.drawing-pets.com/Home_Page.php



When should you reward your dog with treats during the training process?

Wow, I can't believe it's already spring! We are having so much fun with our furry friends and they are enjoying spring as much as we are!

I am fascinated with animal behavior and learning training techniques (must be the psychotherapist in me). Brea is great at teaching me how to train dogs and sharing fantastic dog training tips and techniques. My tool bag is growing and I found the below article to be quite interesting. Enjoy! Jaime

An article from Bay Woof about timing food rewards when training your dog:


We can't believe the holidays are here, what a year! Thank you to all of our amazing clients, your pets bring such joy and love to our lives!
Truly, Brea, Jaime, Monica and Stephan


The holidays are here and while we all love celebrating with our furry friends, we also want to make sure we keep them safe! Here is a list of holiday hazards for pets from paws:


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Happy TH of July!!!!
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Happy Sunday!


This made us laugh and is so true!

Happy New Year!!!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! We loved taking care of all of our furry friends while you were away!

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