Private Basic Dog Training

Establishing good communication and boundaries with your pup can be challenging. With the right dog training and instruction you will gain tools and skills that last a lifetime! Through our collaborative and customized training program, you and your pup will build better communication skills while gaining a deeper level of trust and confidence between each other.

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Commands covered:

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Stay
  4. Leave it
  5. Wait
  6. Come
  7. Loose Leash Heel
  8. Off/Sit While Greeting
  9. Drop it
  10. Additional commands relevant to your dogs needs
$60 per 30-minute session
$65 initial consultation fee
  (consultation fee applied to service at time of booking)

Basic Training Packages

$450 4 weeks 2x a week
$650 6 weeks 2x a week
$110 package add on of 2 sessions


Walk and Train

Whether a new pup is joining your family or you need to refine those dog training skills, we are here to help! Your dog will enjoy getting a walk catered to his or her needs while learning proper walking manners such as:

Check out Brea's training bio

  1. sit/stay
  2. casual heel
  3. loose leash walking
  4. waiting at curbs, proper greetings
  5. wait at the door
  6. ignoring distractions
  7. leash reactivity 
$40 per 30-minute session
$50 initial consultation fee
  (consultation fee applied to service at time of booking)

Walk and Train Packages

$460 3x a week for 4 weeks
$600 4x a week for 4 weeks
$110 package add on of 3 sessions
$140 package add on of 4 sessions

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